All about us

Chittenden’s Funeral Services was established by Phil Chittenden in 1986 after working for another local Funeral Director for many years.

Phil and his wife, Dorothy, and their business partner Brian Carlile bought the premises on 1 Ingoldsby Road, Folkestone and established the funeral home. Prior to this, the premises was known as “George’s Up-to-Date Stores” and even today some people still remember this very well, having bought general provisions there.

Phil and his team aimed to provide the best traditional service to the people of Folkestone and in their first year, the funeral home arranged and looked after 135 funerals.

“Over the next 4 years Chittenden’s Funeral Services grew and a new funeral home was opened in Hythe to further expand the business and to provide more services to families in their time of need.”

Another funeral home was opened on Windmill Street, and well-known Funeral Director Michael Hands from Hythe joined the business in 1991 to manage the funeral home. Shortly after this, Chris’s Daughters joined as Funeral Director at the Folkestone funeral home to support Phil and Dorothy.

Within 3 years of the Hythe funeral home opening and Michael and Chris joining the firm, Chittenden’s were carrying out up to 650 funerals per year with a fleet of hearses and limousines which were exclusive to the area. 

In the late 1990’s Chittenden’s was acquired by Glenhaven Funeral Service, and after a few years the premises in Folkestone underwent a refurbishment and a name change to Chittenden’s Funeralcare. A few years later the name referred back to Chittenden’s Funeral Services.

To this day, Phil Chittenden still has a hand in the day to day operations and many of the team have been working for Chittenden’s Funeral Services for many years.

“Chittenden’s Funeral Services have over 100 years’ experience collectively and take great pride in continuing to provide a professional, caring traditional service to families in their time of need.”